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For Lee 💛
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Your Ascension Journey with Cherîe Hebert
Your Ascension Journey with Cherîe Hebert Il y a 10 heures
Heavier than you thought eh Beck!? hahahahah
Lisa Franklin
Lisa Franklin Il y a 11 heures
Beautiful! You two will get so much use out of that!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Ashton Bishop
Ashton Bishop Il y a 11 heures
All of Eamon’s best friends are old guys. Love to see it
Eamon & Bec
Eamon & Bec Il y a 11 heures
Haha totally!!
Saundra Crocker
Saundra Crocker Il y a 11 heures
Outdoor kitchen looks amazing 🤩 can't wait for next Sunday's video.
Eamon & Bec
Eamon & Bec Il y a 11 heures
Thanks Saundra 💛
freebd99 Il y a 11 heures
This was such a fun video/update guys! Love seeing how much progress you've made. Big hugs from Brooklyn, NY.
Eamon & Bec
Eamon & Bec Il y a 11 heures
Thank you!!
Chris Farrar
Chris Farrar Il y a 11 heures
Just some screws securing the roof beam there eh? Better put some lags in there boys
Wheeze_NL Il y a 11 heures
I don't think my mom would appreciate if I called her now, it's 00:50 at night. But I am in touch in the normal waking hours :-)
Maya Khairallah
Maya Khairallah Il y a 11 heures
I love there vids but I miss the van vids
Saje Fitz
Saje Fitz Il y a 11 heures
Sending love for Bob's birthday burger jam! Sweet outdoor kitchen ... inspired.
Margaretann Halleck
Margaretann Halleck Il y a 11 heures
Trent is okay with a hair out of square….be like Trent! And happy birthday Bob 🎉🎉🎉
D X Il y a 12 heures
So beautiful outdoor kitchen 😍
Catherine Slater
Catherine Slater Il y a 12 heures
Where is Mosa? Did I miss it? Did he get adopted?
Zaid Il y a 12 heures
Be safe Eamon.. wear glasses :)
Five in a Van Life
Five in a Van Life Il y a 12 heures
So happy for you both! You're both doing an amazing job on the cabin!
kendrak2009 Il y a 12 heures
Beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!
Taryn L
Taryn L Il y a 12 heures
Love you guys!
Maddy Does random videos
Maddy Does random videos Il y a 12 heures
So glad y’all are back. Missed you
Sharon Ruble
Sharon Ruble Il y a 12 heures
....can we get an Eamon and Bec soundtrack??? Music is always on point!!!!
Sharon Ruble
Sharon Ruble Il y a 12 heures
I really need a yoga pants fashion show starring Tim and Bob.... And I didn't even know I needed it....
Ethan and Mia's Tube Ruiz
Ethan and Mia's Tube Ruiz Il y a 12 heures
Podcast podcast podcast podcast hey guys just got on to your podcast finished season 1 in a week I drove all day but anyway will plow throw 2 soon when are you going to make new episodes please hurry need that extra Eamon and bec for my commute!!
PATTy MEFFORD Il y a 12 heures
So fun!!!
Brandt Taylor
Brandt Taylor Il y a 12 heures
I want to say thank you! You both do make my week better; when I was younger, I was told I'm bipolar; as a child, It was easier to control; the older you get, the bipolar can change with life events. When covid happened, I had to change my overall life like the rest of the world. When you have mental health issues that affect your life, you create patterns. Those patterns help you massively; every Sunday, I make myself dinner get cozy, and turn on the select people I allow into my life from social media. You are the first on my list. I want to say thank you for always making me want to explore the world and work on myself. You make a significant impact in my life just through a screen. You are helping and making this impact on so many people. I want to say thank you for sharing your life; you do not have to, and thanks for the magic you offer to the WHOLE WORLD. Thank you so much 🤍
Deputy Smoke
Deputy Smoke Il y a 12 heures
I like it. Get a drink in the shower!
Marilyne Plante
Marilyne Plante Il y a 13 heures
I looooove it !
Debra Ball
Debra Ball Il y a 13 heures
Happy Birthday, Bob!
Lou G.
Lou G. Il y a 13 heures
Go Bob Go!! #teambob
sally kushmaul
sally kushmaul Il y a 13 heures
Home looking great.
Audey Yoyeyn
Audey Yoyeyn Il y a 13 heures
Tim and Bob in one video! COMBO!! 😭 What have we done to deserve this?!?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cathy Bludau
Cathy Bludau Il y a 13 heures
And we love you too Eamon. Now get to work!!😁
MaryAnn Griffiths
MaryAnn Griffiths Il y a 13 heures
Y'all make me so happy! Great outdoor kitchen btw!
Kyle Pifer
Kyle Pifer Il y a 13 heures
😂”did you get that measurement “😆 that along with all the compliments!! Lol never turn your back on the hole in the ground weather it a pool or deck! Have a jackery!
Lennon&Cie Il y a 13 heures
Called a friend thanks to you guys, turned out she needed a shoulder to lean on. So happy I did this! Thanks for always inspiring us to do better 💛Great episode guys!
Observer1 Il y a 14 heures
Be nice to Bob.. In fact, build Bob a guest cottage on the property so he can visit, hang, retire on the property. Heh?
Michelle McNab
Michelle McNab Il y a 14 heures
Happy Belated Birthday, Bob
Michelle Grieve
Michelle Grieve Il y a 14 heures
See ya Sunday... Fantastic outside kitchen. We need a video around the dinner table with wine, Tim and Bob
mysteriousnoises Il y a 14 heures
I had to take a break to cry :( She was such a beautiful person inside and out. So sorry for your loss guys, this is heartbreaking. <3
Only Jesus Can Save Us
Only Jesus Can Save Us Il y a 14 heures
John 3:16-17 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.17. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9- That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10- For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen!
Steve Links
Steve Links Il y a 14 heures
I hope Tim's well paid, basically built the place lol
Indy Il y a 14 heures
Haha he was just standing watching Eamon laying down like 'hey I did all the work there bud' 🤣
William Hickmott
William Hickmott Il y a 14 heures
I was just thinking how I was missing Bob and there he is! Blessed with Tim and Bob in the same episode?? What a great day!
claire higgins
claire higgins Il y a 14 heures
Really nice, if you get a lot of mosquitos you could consider popping so bug screen netting up so you can relax and enjoy your food 😀
Tim Il y a 14 heures
I like Tim.
It's Raven
It's Raven Il y a 14 heures
#27 on trending
Thomas Bahr
Thomas Bahr Il y a 14 heures
The solution with the board screwed to the posts and having the cedar on top is far from ideal, in winter the heavy snow load will put shear load into the screws fixing the board to the posts and in worst case the screws will shear off and the roof comes down. Normally you would build the whole thing so that the load is transfered from one piece to the other without relying on screws being at 90° angle to the load an being put under shear stress. I know what i talk about, in winter my garden hut nearly got crushed and lots of screws sheared off with the same design flaw.
Indy Il y a 14 heures
I hope no one is under it when that happens..
Breathe618 Il y a 14 heures
Omg how do you make your wraps looks amazing?!??!?! ☺️
Wendy Bek
Wendy Bek Il y a 14 heures
LikidySquidwater Il y a 14 heures
Congrats on trending
Angie McPeek
Angie McPeek Il y a 14 heures
Happy Belated Birthday, Bob!
MnS Vlogs
MnS Vlogs Il y a 15 heures
I love Tim and Bobs relationship ❤️ so fun
PAULA HAMMOND Il y a 15 heures
Do Tim have a girlfriend I really would love to talk to Tim please could you please let Tim know someone is interested in him
Ashley Beistline
Ashley Beistline Il y a 15 heures
Praying and sending the best of vibes! As someone who has lost a friend to suicide... the pain never goes away, and I'm sorry for that. Hang in there 💛 remember the good times, don't focus on the sad.
Katelyn Boettger
Katelyn Boettger Il y a 15 heures
Your content always puts a smile on my face :)
Anastasia Nelson
Anastasia Nelson Il y a 15 heures
Wow looks amazing guys! I was trying to picture how it’d look and wasn’t too sure but it turned out so good! Great work 💓 (to Tim & Bob)
nick_43 Il y a 15 heures
Beck : "this is my favorite time" Me : "Lunch time?" Beck :"REVEAL TIME!" Me : 👁👄👁
Susan Thursdays
Susan Thursdays Il y a 15 heures
Scheme for combating the black flies and mosquitos so to fully enjoy the outdoors! We know the ‘more trees cleared’ from near the house and outdoor patio areas, the ‘better’!! And of course, if you get a strong breeze it helps some; and dusk & dawn is the worse time of day; but those pests love any areas in the landscaping that will fill with water after a rainfall, for a perfect breeding ground - so try to level those out Other than that, we think there are some tricks&applications of ‘items’, that are : “old, tried and true”. and others that are “newer & high-tech”- that may given you some advantages and then, on some summer nights ya the “squitters”, may try to take a battle or two ’. But, our money is on you two!! - Definitely is good to ‘strategize’ around, since you’re investing a lot in the exterior deck, kitchen, fire pit, etc, etc, ... and living and playing in the outdoors is what ‘lake life ‘ is all about - So, just something to keep in mind, while creating this beautiful lake- house life-style. It really looks amazing, and we know you guys are going to have so many good times and nothing has a chance at spoiling that!! There are NO little buggers that has chance against y’all!! IS very very EXCITING!!!!
Youngy74 Il y a 15 heures
Horray🎉🎉🎂🎂I've been waiting for the onewheel to surface again, I thought an off road track would of been the first job on the list 🤙 Happy birthday Bob x
Design Studio
Design Studio Il y a 15 heures
The calm before the is unpredictable.
Ms Laura gianina
Ms Laura gianina Il y a 15 heures
im really sorry ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luba Alanna
Luba Alanna Il y a 15 heures
The kitchen is phenomenal !!! You got quite a steal with all those lumber pieces. You for sure are making an outdoor kitchen appear so simple to have. I don’t own a home yet but gosh, now you’re making me have all these future ideas. Love it, thank you for filming and posting! And I love the little tidbit to call a loved one. Missing sweet Lee every day. Never stop talking about her in your videos☀️ she will forever live on with all of our love
plm4462 Il y a 15 heures
WHERE'S THE DOG?? love that dog
Indy Il y a 14 heures
Luba Alanna
Luba Alanna Il y a 15 heures
Happiest birthday wishes to Bob💚 we love you buddy, always brings a smile to our faces to see you on our screen
alex rizzo
alex rizzo Il y a 15 heures
turned out so nice
shaif2027 Il y a 15 heures
Eamon and Bec to light up your day😃❤..
SinkoThePsiho Il y a 16 heures
honestly Bob made my day, thank U <3
Brenda B
Brenda B Il y a 16 heures
Love watching you two with your sidekicks Tim and Bob....Sunday checking out your antics with my coffee is becoming a the outdoor much fun will be had there....take good care...
Deborah Costello
Deborah Costello Il y a 16 heures
This was amazing 🙌🙌🙌
Julia Skordou
Julia Skordou Il y a 16 heures
Beautiful outdoor kitchen. I know there are days that grieving can take over. Be patient with yourselves. It is a natural process that only time can heal. Suggestion...plant a tree and/or build a bench that's an area dedicated to Lee with sign of her name or saying she believed in...a quiet space where you can sit to remember her or meditate or be silent as needed. ❤⚘
ChamoDesigns Il y a 16 heures
Loved the "Careless Whisper" clip added for Tim & Eamon"s bromance!!! And we loved seeing Bob's Bday celebration with you guys on your new outdoor Cocina!! 😍😘 Happy belated bday to Bob! 🍰
becbastic . 101
becbastic . 101 Il y a 16 heures
Tim Tim Tim.. All the way 😘
Madisyn Krentz
Madisyn Krentz Il y a 16 heures
i’ve followed you guys for a while and if you happen to see this, i just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you put in and for sharing your lives every week. it’s something that i look forward to all week. even though i don’t personally know you guys, i’m thinking of you during this hard time and just know that what you’re doing matters to so many people 💞
Elizabeth HomeHarmony
Elizabeth HomeHarmony Il y a 16 heures
Such a fun vid filled with so much joy and heart. Love ya guys.
Alannah Hawks
Alannah Hawks Il y a 16 heures
I’m confused about the relationship with Tim. Jealous I should say! Where did you find him? How do I get one? Do you pay him? He has to be a contractor you’ve been paying who has also become a friend. But seriously, I’m looking in the black hills of South Dakota to find one like him!
H3arme3r0ar Il y a 16 heures
Looks great. Any plans to stain or paint the porch and outdoor kitchen
Sarah V
Sarah V Il y a 17 heures
where is Mossa? Love him! He is a huge part of your life. love you Bec and Eamon xxx
Suzanne Alcantara
Suzanne Alcantara Il y a 17 heures
Max, beautiful ending to this video. Lee: I'm calm. I'm just gliding above.
Joshua Pereira
Joshua Pereira Il y a 17 heures
Claire Sila
Claire Sila Il y a 17 heures
thanks for another great episode :) only thing missing was that perfect foster pup of yours, was he sleeping in his new room?
Jen C
Jen C Il y a 17 heures
Ya straight up got Bob drunk. Lol. Beautiful work on the deck, turned out great!
Anthony G
Anthony G Il y a 17 heures
coming soon to the story.... clothing line of "its not horrible but it will do"
Arpita Il y a 17 heures
bec sounds like lorelai gilmore