Il y a 6 mois
Nalle Ellilä
Nalle Ellilä Il y a 5 heures
lee will always be a role model and inspiration, we are here when you need us
Just Soyouknow
Just Soyouknow Il y a 4 heures
inspiration maybe ? Role model, def not, she killed herself, that is not being a role model. It is the ultimate selfish act. Of course she is to be forgiven for that act and remembered and honored with love for her life, but even she would tell you that she was not a role model in her final act.
Sharina Moore
Sharina Moore Il y a 6 heures
I’ve been binge watching all of your videos with Lee just to cure some of my own sadness, and I just thought I had to say how magical it is that you have all of these captured moments with your person. My heart aches for you two, no one should ever have to hurt this way. Your friendship and love for each other is so beautiful and I am just so happy you have so much footage that you can revisit forever. 💜 much love to you both, take as much time as you need and just remember healing through grief is not linear and you don’t owe anyone anything, except yourself!! -S
Beth Shalom Educator
Beth Shalom Educator Il y a 9 heures
Worried about you. Grieving is the right thing to do. There is nothing you could have done differently. Be careful to not blame yourself and after a week you have to go back to a work after a month you need to return to activities and after a year well it is only to be acknowledge once a year.
Dorothy Horton-Wenzel
Dorothy Horton-Wenzel Il y a 9 heures
Hey Bob hope your feeling better soon. 😊
vikas dabas
vikas dabas Il y a 10 heures
We will miss you Lee. Revisiting all your old videos. Can't even imagine the pain of the people who knew you personally. You will always be alive in our hearts.
VIKI M Il y a 11 heures
... God bless her soul .... 💜 luv n light blessings ✝️💜 ...
Tami Rule
Tami Rule Il y a 12 heures
You guys are so fun to hang with ❣️🤣💃🧚‍♂️
Biner-McGrath Ozan
Biner-McGrath Ozan Il y a 13 heures
she is also plant based wtf!
Sandra Mckinlay
Sandra Mckinlay Il y a 14 heures
Wondering what happened to you guys some other people I used to watch FRpost started charging them & they went away.
Angela Smith
Angela Smith Il y a 18 heures
OMG Bob is crazy coming back to the office after surgery! He’s HILARIOUS 😆
Robert Casebolt
Robert Casebolt Il y a 19 heures
Hey worried about you guys no post in three weeks
Julie Demers
Julie Demers Il y a 19 heures
You were in my neck of the woods!! Ottawa!
Janet L Rye
Janet L Rye Il y a 19 heures
Aubrey has not said a word!! She’s too busy eating. Hilarious!
David Ayer
David Ayer Il y a 20 heures
It's the laughter.
Beth Il y a 20 heures
This is how beautiful Lee must be remembered... smiling, enjoying life, having love, and hope for the future. Her darkest times have now disappeared. Her spirit and lessons on life live on forever. Thank you Lee. So sorry the world lost a really good human. Godspeed Lee. 😇❤️
PodróżoVanie Il y a 20 heures
6:31 Eamon please help me to find this clips on the drawers- could you please send me a link or name how to find them online? I'm searching almost second hour and coudn't find them! Thank's in advance! Also sending BIG LOVE from Poland! You are a hugde inspiration for us! LOVE YOU ♥
Beth Il y a 21 heure
I can't. I just can't. What a beauty. What a spirit. What a horrible loss. Godspeed, lovely Lee. ❤️😇
Victoriaplum Il y a 22 heures
Come back my lovelies we are all here to support you through these tough times (poor beautiful Lee) I know you were good friends xxx
Tim Royal
Tim Royal Il y a jour
Cracks me up... "Management" my whole life... always seemed like I was the one working... aaaannnddd... Brother, you never win the argument!
Sharon Lester
Sharon Lester Il y a jour
you guys are adorable!!! I'm so sad for your and the worlds incredible loss! I didnt know this sweet amazing girl but i feel like i did through your videos. What a beautiful soul. Sendig love
Julie Demers
Julie Demers Il y a jour
We had same issue when buying our cottage. We bought from Americans and original land survey incorrect and one original owner passed away. Kids has to sign over blah blah blah.... Stressful as hell. and this is only one aspect of the stress you are living.
Lady Green sleeves
Lady Green sleeves Il y a jour
How r those inflatable paddle boards I’m looking to get one
Lady Green sleeves
Lady Green sleeves Il y a jour
Trinity had a lot of issues huh
pranjal patil
pranjal patil Il y a jour
Tacos and lots of tacos - Lee
robert linaker
robert linaker Il y a jour
just got the news about Lee. Devastated for you both. she was such a beautiful person inside and out, she'll be missed. Big hugs guys xxx
Respectwomen Il y a jour
lee was the "&" in eamon & bec im so hurt i cant ever even say becs name without getting sad take as much time as you need
lily jayne
lily jayne Il y a jour
you guys and kara and nate need to travel together. u guys would have so much fun
Bestestimes Reborn
Bestestimes Reborn Il y a jour
Ingrid Sterling
Ingrid Sterling Il y a jour
Hi dear ones. Now I know why you haven't posted for 3 weeks. I just heard about Lee from Craig and Amie's post today and my heart go out to you for your deep loss. With love. May your hearts find solace in this time of sorrow.
Shelley Hale
Shelley Hale Il y a jour
You wake up in some incredible places. Thanks for sharing 😍
Elizabeth Alulod
Elizabeth Alulod Il y a jour
Nice house i love it
Lady Green sleeves
Lady Green sleeves Il y a jour
What’s that portable fire grill called?
Jacob Franco
Jacob Franco Il y a jour
Dude thanks so much! I’ve been wanting to make these for a long time.
Justin Dodge
Justin Dodge Il y a jour
I miss you guys but I completely understand that you need time ❤ I hope to see you on a Sunday someday!😊
Analytics Presentations
Analytics Presentations Il y a jour
visit TUNISIA please
Lady Green sleeves
Lady Green sleeves Il y a jour
I think I need a one wheel
David Fence
David Fence Il y a jour
I think as it has been almost 3 years since this video showers and toilets on vans are much more the norm in new builds. And after the pandemic it feels like a must with places closed.
novakanedj1 Il y a jour
Had my car broken into years ago and I was never the same about that car afterwards. Sold it for another car in the end.
MeMoAndChase B
MeMoAndChase B Il y a jour
Take your time guys this must be so so hard for you. See u when ever, if ever you are ready... so sorry to hear the news. 💙💜💙💜
Angela Mooring
Angela Mooring Il y a jour
OMG! Honey’s are y’all ok!? Please let us know. My prayers are with y’all and Lee’s family! I’m floored that this beautiful soul was going through this! I will pray for you both and her family. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Love y’all!!
shannon fleming
shannon fleming Il y a jour
I hope you guys are okay 😣 haven’t seen a video since the tragedy.... I love you bec i know this is hard on you I can feel it from the US. STAY STRONG
See u next Sunday??
Dale Hain
Dale Hain Il y a jour
So so sorry,this happened too you all.....
Icis Matthews
Icis Matthews Il y a jour
i cant believe you guys did all this, wow so incredible. so many creativity
Julie Demers
Julie Demers Il y a jour
👏👏👏 Donation!!!
kathleen fredrickson
kathleen fredrickson Il y a jour
I am missing you both and Mosa.
Walid Il y a jour
nice team
Marty Evans
Marty Evans Il y a jour
Ramon & Bec, as I watch you both with Lee & all you three experienced together & with her family, I cry for the pain you both must be going through with her death. My thoughts & embraces to you both during this difficult time.
Julie Demers
Julie Demers Il y a jour
Looking great!
Lee B
Lee B Il y a jour
Just in case no one has told you two today, thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. You are very special, wonderful people and are so appreciated and loved.
Justin Dodge
Justin Dodge Il y a 2 jours
You guys are amazing! You bring to much light to my day! Sending all my love!
Chrissie L
Chrissie L Il y a 2 jours
Rest in Peace Lee <3
Lale Fine
Lale Fine Il y a 2 jours
Are you guys doing ok? I can imagine how hard it has to be. Love you guys and sending you lots if good thoughts
FIRST ONE Il y a 2 jours
Hey guys I have been binge watching all of your videos, I liked, subscribed and have shared and with each video my heart grows bigger and bigger for all you both do. Thank you for bringing joy to animals and the world with your beautiful intentions. BTW It was thru sweet Lee's blogs that I came across you guys and love your hearts.
Adrian Hill
Adrian Hill Il y a 2 jours
So very sorry to here the devastating news 😭 hope you are both doing ok and totally understand why no uploads at the moment but just letting you know you are very much missed here in the UK sending our Love ❤️
Dyana Ruiz
Dyana Ruiz Il y a 2 jours
I miss you guys ♥️
x x
x x Il y a 2 jours
OMG ! ... you guys are so cute ! ... RIP Lee 🎀 💋 ⭐️
JR Michel
JR Michel Il y a 2 jours
I had not seen Lee's mom yet. I feel for her. Your children should be the ones burying you - Not the other way around. :-(
Lauren M
Lauren M Il y a 2 jours
We miss you, hope you’re doing OK💗
The Grinnell Files
The Grinnell Files Il y a 2 jours
Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard, but always near. So loved, so missed, so very dear. Take your time. We lost our son the same way. Not the exact same but the choosing. And to make that choice is something we don’t understand. 11 yrs later & everyone saying it gets easier, no. You just get use to carrying the pain/hurt. Probably as we are meant to after a lot of reflection, being grateful for the little things. Not understanding the choices someone else would make but learning to respect.. Understanding with help how I never had a clue until hindsight. Which will eat you up. Every single hair on your head was accounted for before you were born. The dragonfly in basement stairs got me. It’s the little things that let you know life goes on, beyond us. My heart and prayers go to her family so very much. Hang tight you two and never stop communicating.
Sarah Kempf
Sarah Kempf Il y a 2 jours
Does anyone know where Lee's jumpsuit/ overall is from? The one she is wearing when she's cruising on the one wheel :) Love watching those videos back now! make me so happy and sad at the same time!
Tracy Lindsey
Tracy Lindsey Il y a 2 jours
Such a beautiful ,beautiful soul...I have keep you both and her beautiful sweet parents in my prayers. ...RIP sweet angel💖
docanaheim55 Il y a 2 jours
I know it's been awhile since the glass wall went up . Spring doth sprung and in due time you will want to make some sort of a shutter wall to weatherize the front window wall. Build a movable hinge attached shutter wall.