Kitchen Renovations Begin at Our 50 Year Old Cabin!

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Eamon & Bec

Il y a 2 mois

After 4 months of living at our cabin in the woods, it's time to renovate the kitchen! We demo & start planning the layout of the space. Interested in van life? For your chance to win a custom 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter Van and support a great cause go to
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Chantal Lennox
Chantal Lennox Il y a 8 jours
Need a jockey wheel on that trailer
Rev. Connie Foreback
Rev. Connie Foreback Il y a 11 jours
I like perpendicular only because it’ll be easy for you to get your spice rack you pull out from under the stairs much more easily while you’re cooking. Look wise I like it parallel with the wall with the sink.
Loretta Roes
Loretta Roes Il y a 11 jours
This series is better than anything on HGTV
Georgio Karathanasopoulos
Georgio Karathanasopoulos Il y a 12 jours
You two are great 👍 Keep Bob on his super Bob !!
Anne Handgraaf
Anne Handgraaf Il y a 14 jours
Carley Savage
Carley Savage Il y a 17 jours
Jane Brommet
Jane Brommet Il y a 20 jours
Hilarious, and also the crowbars... I vote for vertical...
Joshua Platt
Joshua Platt Il y a 21 jour
Lady Jax
Lady Jax Il y a 25 jours
I say the island is totally essential! Maybe make it mobile for different situations?!? Best of luck!
Jordan Cooper
Jordan Cooper Il y a 26 jours
I love bob so much💕
God's Treasure
God's Treasure Il y a mois
Love the island vertical !!
God's Treasure
God's Treasure Il y a mois
BrdrGrl34 Il y a mois
Horizontal island! Bobs giggle when filming hahaha
Carla Azzouz
Carla Azzouz Il y a mois
If you go vertical please allow at lease 36" on each side! I have done 6 flips and you learn with each one. Are you going to install a dishwasher? Don't put the island in front of the dishwasher, need more space!!
Sarah V
Sarah V Il y a mois
Put wheels on islands. I love more horizontal. Love you guys. I love your t-shirt,so beautiful. 💖
Crystal Currie
Crystal Currie Il y a mois
So I've gotta ask. Have you guys decided to keep the dog permanently? ❤️
dazzypops Il y a mois
It's a shame the language wasn't beeped out.
Karen Mao
Karen Mao Il y a mois
Was this the vegan version? If so, recipe please!?
Eamon & Bec
Eamon & Bec Il y a mois
Always plant based over here 💕
Candice Schramm
Candice Schramm Il y a mois
OMG I need Eamon to do a latte art tutorial. We have the same espresso machine and I haven't figured it out the "art" part. hahahaha
James Wulzen
James Wulzen Il y a mois
Lebensmüde Il y a mois
Me, a Canadian: We don’t really have an accent do we? Hearing fellow Canadians on FRpost: Oh shit yea eh bud? Me: 😐
Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips Il y a mois
that's not a cabin.
Julia Gazzola
Julia Gazzola Il y a mois
kasey sabatin
kasey sabatin Il y a mois
Nadya Barandica
Nadya Barandica Il y a mois
Vertical all the way! 🤞🏼 best of luck. It is looking really nice so far. And Bob is always a pleasure to watch 👀 💕🙏🏼
Market Immersion
Market Immersion Il y a mois
Looking, great guys!! Yes, always love seeing Bob in your videos; what a cool dad!
Gareth Hulme
Gareth Hulme Il y a mois
Think you guys need a jockey wheel for that trailer 👍🏻😁
Pluff Mud
Pluff Mud Il y a mois
Bob! Island is too wide for horizontal
Piyush Atal
Piyush Atal Il y a mois
Vincent Séguin
Vincent Séguin Il y a mois
Horizontal so you can chat with guess while cooking
maggie martin
maggie martin Il y a mois
i think you just need to get a new island and have sturdy wheels on it with locks so you can move it. what if y’all are loving or moving furniture, what if the island is in the way? you may need to move it or turn it.
Angry Mom Flips
Angry Mom Flips Il y a mois
vertical for me it looked better.
r lee
r lee Il y a mois
is it wrong that I want bec to sit on my face?
Jeiliany Robles
Jeiliany Robles Il y a mois
i think vertical
D A S Il y a mois
Bless Eric for giving you his sweater. What a funny lovely man :)
Jenniffer Hurlburt
Jenniffer Hurlburt Il y a mois
Love seeing Bob! I agree, locking wheels on the island would be amazing! Then you can move it wherever you like it!
abigail am
abigail am Il y a mois
😂😂😂 I’m sorry but the little scene with the phone number and deleting his ex wife’s number just killed me
ashlyn n
ashlyn n Il y a mois
love you guys!!!!
Liz Gareri
Liz Gareri Il y a mois
What internet provider do you use and what brand/type of internet dish do you have?!!! I just moved to the country and I’m trying to find a good one that works out in the boons lol
Desirée Massey
Desirée Massey Il y a mois
With the island, if you have stools on the horizontal side you'll be able to relax and enjoy the waterfront as well as have extra seating 👍🏽
Desirée Massey
Desirée Massey Il y a mois
LMFAO Bec: "$300.." Eamon: immediately throws it in his mouth 😂
daniele Beaudoin
daniele Beaudoin Il y a mois
VERTICAL! Also loving the energy from you both today you can see so much love and creativity.
lynmeadowcroft Il y a mois
Please keep Moosa he’s so adorable!
Holly Sapp
Holly Sapp Il y a mois
Welcome back Bob we missed you!
101beechbum Il y a mois
Horizontal for sure...
Michelle Norris
Michelle Norris Il y a mois
look out to the water. the other way makes the entry way smaller.
Madni Ansari
Madni Ansari Il y a mois
Bob is tha coolest person ever!
MSEC Ryma Il y a mois
Bob make everything amazing.. BOb fans
Joy Temple
Joy Temple Il y a mois
Omg i need one of those sweatshirts!!!
Katherine Peters
Katherine Peters Il y a mois
Lente Cuvelier
Lente Cuvelier Il y a mois
Shiny PrettyWant
Shiny PrettyWant Il y a mois
Vertical with seating at the island
A Ric
A Ric Il y a mois
Cherie 4me
Cherie 4me Il y a mois
Please get a jockey wheel for that trailer of yours would save a lot of hassle & your back! 🇦🇺🚐
A R Il y a mois
I freaking love your dad lol😂 Ig: girl.boss.ashley
Jenls72 Il y a mois
Also place the kitchen appliances in as near a perfect triangle around your kitchen for good design.I
Jenls72 Il y a mois
You should consider Ikea cabinets. They are incredibly affordable, durable. Plus the soft close feature is standard.
Nicole Lewon
Nicole Lewon Il y a mois
Vertical or wheels on the island.
Nicole Lewon
Nicole Lewon Il y a mois
Best part, Bob saying "TikTok is bringing back casseroles?"
Abby Saiz
Abby Saiz Il y a mois
either vertical or put wheels on it
perkissluv Il y a mois
Love seeing Bob 😜 and I prefer the bench horizontal facing the water and I believe the visual balance is better ⭐️
Debbie Ambrose
Debbie Ambrose Il y a mois
wheels on island could work, or just do a diagonal. Best of both worlds.
Sandra Bellestri
Sandra Bellestri Il y a mois
I was going to say vertical but someone else said wheels so you can move it around and that is the best idea yet love it you guys are awesome
Layney Flynn
Layney Flynn Il y a mois
Kraig Greenly
Kraig Greenly Il y a mois
I vote horizontal.
Our Midlife Van
Our Midlife Van Il y a mois
Like the island vertical. Team Bob!
Vered Levy
Vered Levy Il y a mois
Jordan Levi
Jordan Levi Il y a mois
wheels on the island would be cool but i like vertical better !!
sam worley
sam worley Il y a mois
i actually yelled at the computer for eamon to not eat that omg im dead hahahaha
Hannah Waskelis
Hannah Waskelis Il y a mois
Congrats on 800k guys!! Been watching you since 15k keep it up :))) 🤙
Whitney Malarik
Whitney Malarik Il y a mois
Vertical alll the way.. much better for transfer of work flow from the sink/stove.
Jay Lumley
Jay Lumley Il y a mois
Murray Welden
Murray Welden Il y a mois
WhiskeyMeAway2 Il y a mois
Vertical 100%%
Linda Madison
Linda Madison Il y a mois
I love the ChaiWalaChai especially with maple spice sprinkles. 😋
Kaitlyn Simionidis
Kaitlyn Simionidis Il y a mois
vertical 100%, if u still can not decide, u can make it a portable island with wheels :)
Dashie07 E.
Dashie07 E. Il y a mois
Imagine the bugs & rodents that touched that piece of very old candy you ate Eamon!!!! 😝😱 Love Bob each time he BLESSES your videos!!! 'NO bad dogs just uneducated owners' is really how the saying goes!! 🐶💖
Sarah.Sojourns Il y a mois
Vulcaneer900 Il y a mois
Please tell me that that was a Cheese Fuff and not a Stove Turd that Eamon ate...
Jacob S
Jacob S Il y a mois
Rosy Ortiz
Rosy Ortiz Il y a mois
I like vertical!
Traveling JAM
Traveling JAM Il y a mois
Your cabins really coming together, we love it!
Becky Walsh
Becky Walsh Il y a mois
Always glad to see Bob! The cabin is coming right along. Enjoying my watching your progress!
Melissa Il y a mois
Vertical 100%
lindsaylws15 Il y a mois
Bob in tie dye 👌🏼
Maryland Girl
Maryland Girl Il y a mois
Vertacle. But put wheels on it. So you have the option to move it if you ever want to for a bar or something. Make sure the wheels can be locked/unlocked.
Diana Il y a mois
Yay! Bob is here!
Bailey Richardson
Bailey Richardson Il y a mois
so're keeping the pup right? he love you guys so much
Diana Il y a mois
I really enjoy watching you two.
khombol69 Il y a mois
Horizontal! Bobs awesome too
Chelsea Parker
Chelsea Parker Il y a mois
Boba got jokes 😂😂😂 TikToks bringing back casseroles? Hahaha I freaking love him
Rebecca Hagen
Rebecca Hagen Il y a mois
I agree put wheels on the island so you can move it as you need. If it is going to be stationary then verticle. Love seeing Bob! Definitely more Bob!!
Denise Larocque
Denise Larocque Il y a mois
I snort laughed when bob had the camera facing down, and the I found myself watching several times when he rolled his eyes... I Love Bob!!!
Valerie O'Hara
Valerie O'Hara Il y a mois
Thanks for this
Hannah Il y a mois
I much prefer the vertical island, yes horizontal is better for hosting but I think it looks more like a "proper" kitchen and makes the kitchen look bigger.. suppose it depends on what your priorities are! I would probably squeeze an L shape in but might be a bit tight...
Brooke Elliott
Brooke Elliott Il y a mois
Add an appliance garage ! Look it up on pinterest. Hate seeing all the clutter. Simple idea makes a huge difference.
Mackenzie Ferguson
Mackenzie Ferguson Il y a mois
Ummmm how do I obtain the Eamon & Bec hat 👀👀
Cloe Il y a mois
Horizontal, looks better on the screen:)
rosa candra
rosa candra Il y a mois
the L shape idea is great!
rosa candra
rosa candra Il y a mois
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